To Persevere is Never Giving up Hope

When I was young, I thought long and hard about giving up. There are many times when we say to ourselves, “why try?” I will never get the girl. I will never be accepted into the football team. I will never get good grades. Why try?

But at this moment, I really wanted to end the pain of living with mental illness. I looked down at my wrists with my hands holding the blade – it was really a Bic razor that would never penetrate deeply – and saw my parents looking down disapprovingly. Another time, I imagined taking the pistol from the security guard at the hospital and pointing it at myself.

What ended these thoughts of suicide was an incident that took place in my hospital ward one Christmas eve. Most of us were making the most of a bad situation, listening to music, playing cards, and watching TV, when suddenly unit staff in white coats flew past us and entered a room down the hall. A real suicide attempt was made.

Then, it hit me. If I had given up, I would not have gone on. Gone on to do incredible things: Graduate from college; had an incredible journalism career; got married; made great friends.

Perseverance is never giving up hope. Sure, there will be times when you will be disappointed, times when you will be angry, and even times when you will be saddened possibly by the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, but hope is still with you.

If you choose to find your hope, you will persevere and find your way through even the worst of challenging situations.

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