How you Dress Important for Gaining Confidence

Brandon Dewyea is the owner of Moxie, an image consulting business based in Albany, NY. Greg Hitchcock talks with her about how clothing can give someone greater confidence.

Brandon Dewyea, an apparel stylist and owner of Moxie, helps make men, women, and teens feel more comfortable and confident in their personal and professional attire.

“I always appreciated clothing and what it could do for people,” she said.

“Loving what they see, but wondering if they will look good in it has been on people’s minds at one time or another,” Dewyea said. “At one point in our lives, we all think about how we look in our bodies and what we are wearing and what message that sends out.”

Dewyea said her big transformation on how clothing could remake others is when she stopped worrying about what others thought about her and concentrated on what looked good on her.

“I realized that if I went through this, how many more people are feeling this same way,” she said.

“It’s not about dressing to impress other people. I believe it’s about taking care of yourself first and figuring out what colors you like to wear and what fabrics make you feel comfortable,” Dewyea said. “When you are feeling good about how you look, it will show up in the rest of your life.”

Dewyea pointed out that clothing and the way they feel on a person affects relationships, work, and even doing errands and household chores.

“It’s not about so much waiting until you’re perfectly ready or waiting until there is a wedding or a special occasion.  It’s being comfortable about every facet of your life,” she said. “When I make that connection, that makes me very happy.”

People may think an apparel stylist is only for those who can afford one, Dewyea said, or they turn to help only for an occasion such as a wedding or when they lose 50 pounds. But, she said it is not about what people can afford, but how they feel inside.

“I feel that everyone has the right to feel their best no matter where they are in their lives. They are transformed by how much they can afford to wear on their budget,” she said.

Dewyea works with people from stay-at-home moms to high-level corporate executives and small business owners who want to look their best.

“It is a very personal business. We are talking about people’s bodies and what they feel good in,” she said.

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